What Is Angular Cheilitis?

This purpose of this article is to answer the question “What Is Angular Cheilitis?”

If you have ever been told that the cold sores on the corner of your mouth that are chronic and simply will not go away are Angular Cheilitis, then you have no doubt wondered…what is Angular Cheilitis?

What is Angular Cheilitis

This shows a mild case of what is angular cheilitis

This condition that is also known as cheilosis is an infection that afflicts the corners of the mouth severely.

 It can lead to excruciatingly painful sores that can even split and become crusty.

Many people may get this confused with the cold sores that occur at the corner of the mouth.


If you are not sure if you truly have angular cheilitis, check out our angular cheilitis symptoms page, and see if you are having similar symptoms.

What Causes Angular Cheilitis?

It may come as a surprise to you to learn that Angular Cheilitis is actually formed by a bacteria or fungus building up in the corner of your mouth.

When saliva accumulates here, the bacteria found in it can attack this part of the exterior of the mouth.

How this bacteria gets there can happen in numerous ways including:

  • Lip Licking
  • Lack Of Vitamins
  • Harsh or Adverse Weather
  • Drooling
  • Cosmetics

This just name a few of the causes that help bring about angular cheilitis. To learn more about the causes of angular cheilitis, visit our article on angular cheilitis causes.

How Long Does Angular Cheilitis Last?

The good news is that when you deal with it immediately, this condition can be treated in only a few days.

If you do not get medical help and medicine though, it can continue for literally months.

Going to see a general doctor or dermatologist as soon as it appears is critically important.

Who Can Suffer From Angular Cheilitis?

There is no one age group that is capable of contracting this infection. Some people are at greater risk than others.

If you wear dentures, have diabetes mellitus, or have been exposed to head or neck radiation, then your chances of contracting it are considerably higher than with other people.

You might also have a Vitamin B or iron deficiency in your body. This can lead to Angular Cheilitis developing as well.

What Is Angular Cheilitis’ Distinguishing Symptom?

You can easily confuse common cold sores and Angular Cheilitis because they have common symptoms. Both of them involve redness, irritation, and splitting in the corners of your mouth.

The symptom that separates the two problems is that Angular Cheilitis does not simply get better and go away on its own.

To get a more thorough answer on this, check out our article on Angular Cheilitis Symptoms.

What Is Angular Cheilitis’ Conventional Medical Treatment?

Topical steroids and topical anti fungal creams are what the majority of dermatologists and doctors prescribe for this troubling and painful condition.

Most times the infection is incredibly stubborn and will not respond to these approaches.

In this case, you will take anti fungal medications orally and wait for them dissolve in your mouth.

When you have a prescription for the oral anti fungals, you must not swallow them. You will have to take two pills at a time as many as four to five times per day.

The treatment typically lasts for as many as fourteen days.

What is Angular Cheilitis’ Best Home Remedy?

Doctor prescribed cortisone does not always make your Angular Cheilitis go away.

In these cases, it is a good idea to seek out an alternative form of home treatment for the condition.

What is angular cheilitis

This alternative treatment can be found in Angular Cheilitis Overnight Cure created by Katherine Sage.

This treatment starts to work in as little as ten hours, using only two ingredients that are found in ninety-nine percent of American households.

First it kills the condition causing bacteria, then it dries out the sores as well. Attacking the root of the problem is the best approach to treating Angular Cheilitis.

This treatment is easy to make with products that you already keep in your house. Any items that you do not have you can buy at any drugstore or grocery store for a few dollars.

This solutions is supremely effective at eliminating the condition.

There are other remedies that you can buy to use at home. Many of them only treat the symptoms of the condition, or they provide the same solution but at a much higher cost.

What is Angular Cheilitis if not a bacteria and fungus that has to be dealt with first in order for you to achieve effective healing?

So what is Angular Cheilitis’ treatment that is effective? It is a remedy either mixed up at home or prescribed by your doctor that makes the causes of the problem go away.

The symptoms are far more easily treated after you have accomplished this.

We hope we have answered all of you questions regarding exactly what is angular cheilitis.

If you experiencing this, we highly recommend being proactive and getting some help today.

If you are in need of help with angular cheilitis, we recommend checking out our video review of the Angular Cheilitis Overnight Cure. This will give you can get an behind the scenes sneek peek of how the cure works.

See Our Angular Cheilitis Overnight Cure Video Review


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