The medical industry is not all that interested in curing angular cheilitis, or any other disease for that matter.

It’s not so much that any individual in the industry is out to get you. It’s just that cured patients don’t need medical help, so they would rather treat a disease than cure it.

If you are cured, you won’t need their services or their products. In other words, the incentives are all wrong.

This is an unfortunate situation for people who are dealing with the effects of angular cheilitis, which is not only painful but embarrassing to live with.

Individuals suffering from the infection are often treated rudely because of their appearance, even though the infection is not contagious.

Most doctors will recommend the exact same product when asked what to do about the problem: hydro cortisone cream. There are various manifestations of the drug.

Sadly, the drug is not all that useful.

If you have given it a try, you are probably already aware of this.

It can help temper the symptoms of the infection for some people, but it is certainly not a method of curing angular cheilitis.

Even worse, the product is surprisingly expensive, even though it is nothing more than a topical cream with an antibiotic.

The Pain and Embarrassment of Angular Cheilitis

People who suffer from the infection understand why curing angular cheilitis is so important.

We would like to think that we have moved on as a society from the time when lepers were treated as less than human, but the sad fact of the matter is that people can be cruel.

As mentioned before, the disease is in no way contagious, and kissing will not spread it. Even so, finding somebody who will kiss you with the disease is probably out of the question.

Even worse, parents who have seen their children suffering from angular cheilitis understand what it can do to their social life.

This can cause a person to become withdrawn, and shut off from the people around them.

The angular cheilitis infection causes the corners of the lips to become cracked, eventually swollen, and it is not uncommon for them to bleed or leak pus.

Much more disgusting than the symptoms of the disease is the way that people react to it. Often it can seem as though the people treat you as though it were your fault.

Maybe they just don’t understand how hard people suffering from the infection have worked at curing angular cheilitis, how all of the creams and doctor’s recommendations and even fringe “new age” remedies have been completely useless.

The situation is at its worst when friends and family start to distance themselves from you in the public sphere.

Despite caring for you, they can hardly be blamed for not wanting to share in your embarrassment.

Curing Angular Cheilitis

You don’t have to live this way any longer. There is a cure for the infection.

The cure is all natural and is capable of clearing up the infection in one night.

Most other treatments only work for a short period of time, with the infection returning as soon as the medication is stopped, or sooner.

But with this natural cure, those who suffer with the disease are taking something that is completely natural.

This means that the unpleasant side effects that come with using an artificial drug are avoided.

Here is an example of a person who discovered the disease and found a way to beat it.

The example provided demonstrates the simple idea that fungal bacterial can not live very long in an area that is dry.

Katherine Sage, a mother and former sufferer of angular cheilitis, found the cure for her problem. What she used worked. In fact, she went on and tested this same cure on thirty individuals in her test with the same results.

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