Hello and welcome to our Angular Chelitis Foundation review page.

Hopefully the reviews provided here will help you decide if this cure is right for you.

Treatment Creator: Orlando Ellis

Website URL: http://www.angularchelitis-foundation.com

Treatment Format: E book

Our Video Review:

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Our Conclusion

The Angular Cheilitis Foundation Treatment may not be the best treatment out there.

While they do provide a treatment that works, their site alone seems very shady.

When we tried to contact their company about some of the discrepancies on their site, and the email bounced back saying that it couldn’t reach the sender, which means the support email is no good.

The good thing though is if you purchase their treatment(we don’t recommend this) then Clickbank is the one who give you the refund if the treatment doesn’t work for you.

This is great because we don’t have to hunt Orlando for a refund.

Nonetheless here is our verdict:

What’s Good

– 9 step treatment process

– 60 Day money back guarantee

What’s Not So Good

– FAQ area contains generic information

– Extremely expensive for the treatment ($67)

– No pictures for the treatment instructions, mostly text

– May take multiple attempts of this treatment for results.

– We couldn’t find any testimonials good or bad on this product

– Customer Support Email does not work

After reviewing the other treatments, we feel that you are better off using the Angular Cheilitis Overnight Cure or even better, the Angular Cheilitis Free Forever treatment.

Either one of these treatments will work just as well and will cut the investment cost of the treatment in half at least.

However, if you still feel like it may be worth the price, we provide the link below.

Click Here To Purchase The Angular Chelitis Foundation Treatment